Epsilon Electronics Inc.

Epsilon Electronics Inc. can be a technology company operating out of Montebello California. They were founded in 1983 and also have a vast history producing video and audio products for that automotive industry. Epsilon Electronics Inc. was just the 2nd U.S. based manufacturer to get in the realm of video products for vehicles. In an effort to fulfill the global market with video products, Epsilon launched a number of products for many different target markets. This gave Epsilon Electronics Inc. the upper hand in their industry and they also secured significant global market share in a young and constantly evolving technology. Because of this strategy, Epsilon acquired notable contracts from large companies from around the world also because of the technological advancements in a short time period.

Epsilon Electronics Inc. contributes a lot of their success with their decision to acquire in in-house research and development team. The business culture is to always push the envelope by dedicating nearly all of their a chance to coming up with new ideas. Different parts of the department should come together to help make merely one product. These groups are the acoustical, electronics, mechanical and software engineers, that are the core of Epsilon Electronics Inc. research and development team. This tactic ensures Epsilon will produce innovative products, which will make up industry firsts. Not alone is R&D team in-house but they also manufacture a bunch of their products in the usa. Not many Epsilon’s competitors know exactly the same.

As mentioned previously, getting into the tech industry, every customer differs and wants different products at different prices. Therefore, this can be a smart move to segment the market in accordance with what each customer is looking for and which kind of product they may be searching for and whenever. Therefore, Electronics Epsilon has five brands within their portfolio: Soundstream Technologies, Power Acoustik, Farenheit, and Precision Power.

Epsilon’s brands have won countless awards for a number of auto-sound competitions. The bar is set high for each and every product they conceptualize and manufacture. Epsilon Electronics Inc. can prove their products are top notch as they have received great reviews from mobile entertainment publications from across the world.

Forecasting the business future is rarely easy, specially in an ever-changing industry. This can be attested by Epsilon’s transition in the past, modern product range and future agenda. Current plans include Epsilon Professional; that may offer professional audio, stage lighting, DJ equipment, and related accessories.


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