Per Wickstrom Entrepreneur

Per Wickstrom was born and raised in the suburbs within the city of Traverse City Michigan. He originated from a loving and supporting family. As Per Wickstrom grew up and entered his teen years, you will find a natural tendency to rebel rather than communicate as much with what is happening in your own life. Per Wickstrom had a girlfriend as he was fourteen but she broke track of him for his closest friend. Per Wickstrom was devastated and failed to wish to open up to his family regarding what just happened in the life. Naturally his parents might be very supportive and tell their son that he remains to be young and these sorts of things happen to many boys his age. But Per Wickstrom turned into alcohol instead to attempt to forget his heartache. He first turned into beer and each and every time he faced a tough period in his life, Per Wickstrom would consistently use alcohol but everytime, he would try harder liquors and spirits.

Per Wickstrom also started to smoke weed and this also also become more severe drugs like cocaine and heroine. Meanwhile, Per Wickstrom was becoming an adult and it has scored a career with his father as being a car salesperson. Since he was consistently the very best seller in that branch, Per Wickstrom never got into serious trouble if he showed up late or perhaps a little drunk. This continued until Per Wickstrom is in his mid 30s. It got to the stage where he noticed he no more had control of as he wished to do drugs. Something he would continue on weekends and a few weeknights turned into an entire blown addiction where Per Wickstrom CEO needed to take drugs and alcohol on a daily basis to be able to not glance at the stages of withdrawal.

This is actually the reason for his life where he hit rock bottom. Per took it upon himself to attend rehab and win the battle over his addition. Per Wickstrom knew it had been easier in theory because it took him spanning a dozen tries to get sober. He finally found the appropriate rehab center for him, which was created for him with his fantastic beliefs. Per Wickstrom had finally overcome his addiction and may even return home and lead the lifestyle he always dreamed he will have. Although, this experience made him decide to become an entrepreneur and help out other individuals going through exactly the same thing he had.


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