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Here we certainly have the most up-to-date news and reviews of mobile phone devices Xiaomi, Meizu, Sony, Samsung, LG and many others and also manufacturers of smartphones just like the Apple iPhone and Google Android plus mobile services and applications. Many topics associated with the smartphone industry are already discussed in our forum, and here is amongst the examples from your post about why iphone begun to shift to big-screen.

When Apple announced this past year that its two new iPhones might have significantly larger screens, it was-to some extent-a concession. This company had long turned up its nose at supersized smartphones, but there was CEO Tim Cook, announcing which the only new iPhones you can buy would come in 2 sizes: extra-large and further-extra-large.

Apple’s bet paid off, and paid back huge. The business reported its December quarter results yesterday, plus the XL and XXL iPhones stole the show.

Oh how everything has changed. In 2012, when the company introduced the iPhone 5-which was taller but not wider than its predecessors-Apple product marketing chief Phil Schiller created a big issue about thumb control. “What may be the design center for your phone? It’s this-it’s your hand,” he said, showing a slide of the human thumb. “A phone should feel great in your hand, and most importantly, must be convenient to use using this type of magical device most of us carry known as the horizontally opposed thumb.”

This became a jab at rival phones that had been growing ever larger. (Potentially unintentionally: One theory implies that Android phone makers were forced to ship bigger phones simply because they lacked Apple’s miniaturization skills.) Apple, meanwhile, followed up in 2013 together with the iPhone 5S, which kept the identical 4-inch screen as the predecessor.

Smartphone news

But by 2014, it was actually obvious so much the market liked bigger phones. Some can have even been avoiding Apple’s phones since they didn’t may be found in larger sizes. Smartphones were becoming pocket computers that folks employed for hours each day, and perhaps, a greater screen was simply better.

So Apple couldn’t resist going big, much into the derision of their its rival Samsung, which ran ads touting Steve Jobs’ quote that “no one’s intending to buy” a large phone.” It is, furthermore, among the sharpest tricks in Apple’s playbook. It provides famously gone back on its public word many times over the years, always to the better. These reversals consist of iPods that play video to smaller tablets.

Now, while many purists pine for a smaller iPhone, millions love the iPhone 6 plus the freakishly large iPhone 6 Plus. And Apple is looking very smart-and having the previous laugh.


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