Best Sci-fi Books

#1: Dune (Frank Herbert)

Science Fiction doesn’t get a lot better this. Dune is every Science Fiction aficionado’s wet dream. Most people claim Dune is Science Fiction’s answer to «Lord of the Rings» and i also ought to agree: it sure is. There are plenty of good sci-fi books, but Dune is truly a giant among giants. It truly is a pinnacle of Science Fiction literary achievement. When you haven’t read Dune, doesn’t waste any longer time. Read it now!

# 2: Starship Troopers (Robert Heinlein)

War is beautiful based on Robert Heinlein. This really is a novel regarding the glorification of war. The premise: space-marines wearing special armor battle vicious alien insect aliens. This really is classic «traditional» science fiction at it’s best. It’s a rip-roaring ride through the galaxy which you don’t wish to miss.

#3 : Ender’s Game (Orson Scott Card)

This is amongst the corner stones of science fiction then one novel that you shouldn’t miss. A critique on society, the story of your boy who refuses to give up, a battle to save the fate of mankind — this science fiction book combines every one of them into one addictive and compelling mix that shouldn’t be missed.

#4: Foundation (Isaac Asimov)

It is undoubtedly on of the finest works of sci-fi ever written. Should you keen on science fiction with grandiose and epic storylines, get the hand for this book.

A corollary: Foundation can be a series for people who love grand and complex ideas. If you are searching for a book heavy about the action but thin on concepts, this is probably not it for yourself. The effectiveness of the ideas presented are definitely the focus with this story, not the characterization. Regardless, this is one of those science fiction that you only need to read. You will never think about Sci-fi the same way after looking at the Foundation series.

#5: Snow Crash (Neal Stephenson)

Part time hacker and pizza delivery boy and fulltime samurai swordsman, meet Hiro Protagonist. Snow Crash is breath taking novel with action and pacing thick enough to drown in. Snow Crash redefined and rejuvenated the Cyberpunk genre. Should you prefer a novel with bucket a lot of action, futuristic technologies ala The Matrix, plus the gritty futuristic dystopia in the Blade Runner world, Snow Crash is the ideal recommendation.


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