Use EBay to market Your Internet Business By having an About Me Page

If you can to utilize eBay to market your web business by having an About Me page, then you have a non-sleeping partner that will assist to help you become money even while you yourself sleep. If it sounds slightly unlikely, then chill out and listen up, since this approach is applied by several of the world’s richest eBay users to raise their online businesses, even when they have nothing with regards to eBay.

I will hear the cogs and wheels inside your brain whirling round about that. How can you use eBay to market a small business which includes nothing regarding eBay? The reply to that likes inside a little used feature of eBay that is certainly not widely advertised, but the better web marketers find out about and will take advantage of, despite the fact that eBay could possibly be only one very minor portion of their business.

Before secret is revealed, let’s look at a standard business online. eBay may be used to earn money in the number alternative methods; although each involves publishing an Add eBay listings to your site for the services or products you might be selling. You are able to sell new products which you get at one price and then sell with a higher price. You can buy at wholesale prices then sell at individual retail prices to produce a profit. You may even dropship, buying individual products in a wholesale price, and next getting the merchant provide you with the product upon having paid them coming from the buyer’s payment for you.

Whichever of such ways you utilize to make money on eBay, you can include a web link to your About Me page with your listing. This really is a page that eBay enables you to design on your own specifications, and so long as you usually are not advertising products you are not selling on eBay, it can be used to lead targeted traffic to a non-eBay website. It is particularly useful if you have your very own website.

The About Me page is undoubtedly an html page that can include the following:

Your web page URL, or perhaps the URL to any page on your own website. There is not any limit to the volume of URLs you could provide. It is possible to provide your Feedback record, and information of other products you happen to be selling on eBay, in addition to your eBay store. You may also offer useful information, for example mini-tips or links to useful info-sites (e.g. yours!).

It doesn’t take lots of brain cells to check out how this type of page enable you to your advantage, plus the different ways in which can be used it. Don’t break eBay rules in utilizing it, however it is not hard to market your own websites — as many as you need. It is because it is possible to change your page every now and again.

Even though you have no website, acquire one. Offer anything into it that may get you money, even an affiliate product or just utilize it to be a squeeze page to provide a newsletter which is within eBay guidelines. You may even add pictures, audio and video in your About Me page.

A link for the page can be put any place in your listing you like. You are able to simply have one About Me page, but can modify it as often as you wish, in order to change it daily if you would like promote some other website everyday. Everybody that clicks your listing to see your description will see your About Me link, and you may use words inside your listing to guarantee the click-through.


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