Today may be the last Myth I would like to look at and

I saved it until last.

Remember, I’m writing about Myths here.

* Myth #7 A intense bout of sexual activity burns 100

to 300 calories for each person involved.

To ensure that this to be real, both partners need

to weigh the identical and placed forth the equivalent amount of

effort above the same amount of time.

‘Nuff said.

Sex is great, and it’s a regular activity, but…

Don’t base your diet program on the volume of

sex you possess.

Base it on solid ground.

Your diet.

That which you do on a regular basis.

Just how much activity you be involved in everyday, and…

Simply how much water you drink.

On my small program I want you drinking no less than half your

weight in water.

So in case you weigh 150 pounds, you will need to drink at the very least

75 ounces of great water every day.

Miss this time and you’ll be disappointed with any program.

So with that said, be sure you drink a good amount of good pH

water. Should you be not really acquainted with pH water, call work

and we’ll speak about it.

Dear Patient,

Last week I went over two Tucson Healthy Weight Loss myths.

Today I’m going to review two more.

So let’s begin.

* Myth #4 Assessing the stage of change or diet

readiness is very important to assist patients who

seek weight-loss treatment.

By the time most people seek help reducing your weight,

anybody can assume they are ready.

Life and losing weight in addition to putting on weight are

issues that sneak through to people. If you need to lose

weight and you’re serious, it can be done.

If you’re doing the work for your wrong reasons, odds are

you won’t lose the mass you desire, and should you, it’ll

keep coming back on you which has a vengeance.

* Myth # 5 Physical-education classes into their

current format play an important role in

preventing or reducing childhood obesity.

Here’s my carry out that.

Physical education hasn’t lowered obesity rates in

children. Sure, it has the possibility, only if

children are kept moving for much more than the 30

approximately minutes they are now.

I have got an approach of keeping you moving and getting work done in on it.

I’ll reveal to you whenever you start this software.

* Myth # 6 Breast-feeding is protective against


Breast feeding is ideal for a son or daughter, although with people’s

schedules today, and also the economy, many women just

can’t make this happen.

I realize that.

But we’re discussing myths and losing weight, therefore if

you have been bottle fed, you’ll want to look for

one more reason why the reasons you cannot fit into your

skinny jeans.

I’ll go in the last myth next week.

Don’t miss it.

Best Of Health,

Dr. Sophie Jacob, D.C.


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