Taj Mahal Palace

Mumbai is a fantastic place to visit using its diverse culture. If you are intending a visit to Mumbai, here are some of the best hotels as rated by guests and sorted by price.

Expensive Hotels

Taj Mahal Palace

This historic hotel has got an incredible view. It really is across coming from the Gateway of India, and it also overlooks the Arabian Sea. This huge hotel has ten restaurants, Rooms feature a TV, minibar, along with a spacious bathroom. There is a spa, a landscaped pool, and lots of stores for shopping.

Guests say they love the area along with the seaside view. They enjoy the choice of restaurants, plus they point out that the staff is incredibly friendly.

The Oberoi Mumbai

This luxury hotel is found close to Mumbai’s shopping and entertainment district. These people have a 24 / 7 spa, a fitness center, as well as an outdoor pool. The rooms have beautiful wood floors, TV, tea and coffee maker, as well as a luxurious bathroom. With five restaurants, you are sure to locate something to the tastes. Guest services include laundry service and babysitting.

Guests say that the views are beautiful, and the rooms are cozy and clean. It is said the restaurants are nice, and also the employees are professional and friendly. The sole complaint is that you need to pay money for Wi-Fi access.

Mid Priced Residency Hotel Andheri

Residency Hotel Andheri

The rooms are nice spacious. They incorporate a TV, a sitting area, a great bathroom, and a mini bar. The restaurant features Indian and European cuisine.

Guests claim that the workers is friendly and helpful. It is said the hotel is clean, as well as the food during the restaurant is delicious. Most reviews were positive, but a number of people had difficulties with water in bottles not being offered and hearing sounds from other rooms.

Treeboo New Castle

Just two miles from the beach, this hotel is set in a fantastic location. They have a restaurant and free Wi-Fi.

Guests love the place, plus they say the employees are very friendly and helpful. You will find a pub around the main floor that some guests enjoyed, while other guests complained regarding the noise. Guests were not impressed with breakfast, and some claimed that the workers couldn’t find their reservation.

Budget Hotels

OYO Rooms Military Road Marol 1

Just two miles from Powai Lake, this hotel offers TV and free Wi-Fi. They feature laundry service, plus the rooms use a seating area.

There was no reviews to do this hotel. However, they are very cost-effective.

La Hotel Metro

This hotel is located one mile from Kurla Railway Station. They give free Wi-Fi as well as a gymnasium. The rooms have a TV, mini bar, and complimentary toiletries. The restaurant offers Chinese, Indian, and continental dishes. The hotel provides a beautiful garden along with a terrace.

Guests claim that the hotel is clean and affordable, and they also say the food is good. It truly is near the United states Embassy, but there aren’t many things to do near the hotel. Some guests reported issues with booking the hotel online and not needing a reservation if they got there. Overall this is an excellent option for United states citizens and others wanting to travel on a tight budget.


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