Have you been paying excessive for your home power bill?

Electricity spend is just about the major living costs for families. The standard electric bill for any household was $1369.32 per year, in line with the EIA’s latest report. [1] The typical residential electricity spend per person in 2012 was $750. [2] Since 2001, the energy prices have risen about 65% from the U.S. In Texas, prices increased by 49% plus in Pennsylvania by 66%. [3]

So, just how can a household try and lower their power bill? The answer will be collective buying or programs like Bigger. Better. Together.

For a long time, businesses have aggregated their meters in an effort to secure wholesale pricing from suppliers. Whether you’re an organization who has multiple locations, or if you want to team track of other company owners, the possible to save cash by aggregating your electricity consumption could be significant. Now you can do the same together with your home electricity rate.

With «Bigger. Better. Together.», buyers group together to get the absolute minimum purchase amount, and by doing this, they could secure a terrific, low rate for your goods and services. To offer you a concept of how this works, imagine this: should you needed to buy an appliance for your household so you went along to a large box store to obtain it, you’re likely just making payment on the retail price. In case you knew 100 individuals who found it necessary to buy the same product, you might probably go instantly to a manufacturer and negotiate a bulk buy, therefore, you get even closer to the wholesale price of the product.

With residential aggregation, individuals pool their usage to negotiate better contract terms and costs. In doing so, participants can choose a power rate that may be typically far better than currently advertised prices. So the larger the group, the better potential savings. Thus, along with the buying power of countless households, it is possible to unlock discounted energy rates to boost power to choose supplier competition for your residence.

When great minds get together, beautiful things happen. Incite Energy is a Texas-based energy services company that partners with customers as you in order to save cash and time in your energy costs. We work for you to secure a members-only electricity rate.

Founded in 2012 in Houston, Texas, Incite Energy is really a trusted leader in energy management and procurement, serving commercial and residential clients over the Usa Individuals work alongside Incite to find out, innovate, and improve energy programs and methods.

Incite Energy believes in providing a transparent research the ever-evolving market, while our experts design tailor-made answers to deliver energy cost savings and increase efficiencies.


[1] EIA.gov, 2014 Average Monthly Bill- Residential

[2] Energy.gov, Exactly how much would you spend?

[3] EIA.gov, Electricity Data Browser


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