What Goes On Once We Die?

A Little Peek within the Afterlife

To be a psychic medium well over thirty-5yrs, I have got been blessed with the ability to get a glimpse in to the afterlife and what happens if we die. I truly believe if everyone could see what I see, no person would be afraid of death. Not surprisingly, I am, like lots of people, scared of a violent or painful death, but when I had left the premises I am aware you can find absolutely nothing to fear. Please allow me to share probably the most common experiences of souls when they cross into your spirit world.

Whatever form your dying may take, your transition in to the afterlife will share many elements with a lot of other souls. Often the first experience could be the presence of someone you care about, a spirit guide, or an angel. Sometimes you will have a couple of of these kinds of spirits awaiting you. As an example, each time I have got seen a kid cross over, at least, 2 or 3, angels accompany the little one on the opposite side.

Psychic Medium

Often I am told (with the departed soul) “my mother or some other family member was expecting me.” Sometimes they are really waiting at one’s bedside, often for many days before they pass, or just beyond the veil. Accompanying the departed because they have passed throughout the tunnel and in the light.

Then there is the situation of older souls who definitely have done this dance often and no longer need an escort, who travel independently, at their particular pace. These souls tend to be given greater autonomy and allowed to decide when and ways in which they’re crossing will occur.

After your soul has crossed into spirit and arrives on the other side you may be surprised to get things looking rather comparable to earth- only much, considerably more beautiful. Whatever you decide to expect to see you could possibly see; in case you expect pearly gates, a grand cathedral, a Japanese pagoda, or maybe a wide open field of flowers- you might very well view it. Whatever your soul finds being one of the most sacred website is what you would see. If you find nature to generally be holy and sacred; why not much of a field of lovely fragrant flowers?

Within this place, your soul will feel great peace, tremendous love, along with a kind of euphoria it has never experienced in the physical world. A shower of divine healing light energy will shimmer down upon you, washing away any earthly pain or sadness. There are sweet vibrational music plus the smells of all the wonderful stuff you loved. It doesn’t matter you anymore own a nose; your memory of your scent is indeed stronger and significantly more pure. Here you may be reunited with someone you care about, a family pet, perhaps, or even your spirit guide.

Once you have soaked up enough of this energy and so are ready, your spirit guide will start what I love to call your “debriefing.” I’m sure you will have heard of individuals who have died and come back saying “I saw my entire life flash before my eyes.” Well, it’s way over that. You may re-experience every moment of your own earthly life from the second they cut the cord, into the moment you gave along the ghost. Only this will likely not merely be some movie playing so that you can watch you may relive it.

Laura Zibalese


Nov. 2015


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