When Planning Event Photography

Event Photography is really an age old profession where a photographer will capture images in an event making them on the market to anyone that has an interest, right there in the event. Using the rise of digital technology in photography the number of choices of the events is often covered and what things can be provided at any event has ballooned.

Before photography a function photographer would use the photos at the start of the event, such as a black-tie dinner. The photographer would then need to rush off and find the films developed, printed and mounted and rush returning to case before the end from the night to try to pickup any sales from guests who have been still there and yet interested. The most recent digital equipment and workflows have turned this on its head. The guests can now hold the photos taken and find out them quickly.


A typical setup for any indoor event, for example a charity ball or school prom would come with a transportable studio complete with backdrop and studio lighting. Digital capture in the images and automatic transmission of your images to the pc systems using a wireless network. Then there is the sales desk where images could be processed quickly. After the images tend to be the sales desk they are often viewed by clients, they can then choose to purchase any one of the images or get the photos retaken if they weren’t proud of the final results. This can especially be of use for big group shots, inevitably there’s going to be somebody that blinks or doesn’t like the way they try looking in a photograph. Digital photography allows the photographer to shoot multiple images and obtain a photo that’s going to please the entire group or at a minimum a huge section of them.

Studio Shoots

Consider what customer markets you must pursue to keep the area booked up with your own shoots wherever possible. This will probably be the highest revenue-generating use of the space in your case. Look for the clients that freelance photographers with out a studio are unable to gain and market the strengths your home will offer you. By using some additional backdrops or decorative elements to dress the room, you may expand the options of shoots you may accommodate in-house significantly.

Other Uses

Can element of your studio double as a business office space during downtime? Whenever you can limit your need for separate work space you may be able to cut down on your rent, when you can policy for this before signing a lease.

When your lease allows it, you can even rent out your studio to many other parties though it may be idle, if they are for legal uses. This is often for small parties and events or shoots by other photographers, as an example. Make sure that those you rent to transport their very own insurance to lower your risk and this your agreement with them further limits the liability you practice on using their rental.

There could possibly be additional options how the client might want for their event say for example a Portable Studio that would give you a larger collection of photographs whilst not being required to relocate to a studio for the very same photographs. Additional hours could possibly be a notion to have so if your client requires one to spend more time with the event but doesn’t ask you to spend a full day when one more hour is essential or to have another photographer to be within the event if the client thinks they can be required.


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