That you are broad-minded one who is not really used to be limited in sources of information and entertainment but alas, standard services providing you channels of several satellite providers are not just dangerous to your budget. They might require switching between different receivers additionally. It doesn’t matter how hard you attempt, you will not discover a provider offering you every channel you wish to watch within one affordable package.

Nevertheless, the manner in which out exists. It is cheap, simple and you will not need to find your way among numerous satellite channel receivers. Your option is cardsharing!


Cardsharing is indeed a breakthrough letting your satellite receiver gets usage of original pre-paid cards coming from the server using Internet for decrypting any paid channels you would like.

You start by uploading a unique application and installing it in your receiver. When installed and active, it really is sending request for the server every 10 seconds for channel encryption. The server addressed will transfer the main element required as well as your receiver should be able to encode the graphic from now on. The outcome will give you plenty of joy, we are sure, because it will be easy to watch paid encrypted channels without original prepaid card. Impressed? Great, but cardsharing is able of providing you even more than this. As an example, using it you are going to watch the channels of various satellite providers using only one receiver.

By way of example, those who wish to have access to Sky UK, Polsat and Skylink must buy a genuine receiver for each satellite. Cardreading solves the problem automatically saving your money and time wasted for switching to a different receiver. You have cardsharing and find all your eggs packed into one basket.

What do you do to get started using cardsharing?

Nothing to venture to university for! To access our cardsharing service visit our website, obtain the register page there, complete a simple registration form, refill the balance, get stunned by the affordability of the expense of our services (we mention cents on a daily basis!), choose the package that suits you to perfection, get the data required for access and add it to your receiver. Done. From now on you can enjoy encrypted channels with graceful ease. The service is available immediately. We mean it. The time you install the app to the receiver you happen to be in running a business!

That is really So simple and affordable. Join our cardsharing service right not saving your money and time and experiencing the paid channels you cherish the perfect.


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