Modern Martini Rx sets the latest trend for Young Hollywood drinking Cannabis Cocktails

California Cannabis Club, Inc. has launched various Cannabis infused cocktails named Modern Martini Rx or MMRX, which never contain any alcohol. These cocktails are gaining quite popularity among the list of Cannabis industry and anyone that likes to have a ‘healthy’ cocktail on the run.

With Cannabis turning into a more main stream phenomenon and a few studies claiming about the health benefits it must offer, a number of people are delighted by the very idea of a cocktail containing the best possible Cannabis and it is devoid of sugar too. Unlike the conventional cocktails that might cause hangover, the MMRX marijuana drinks provides energy for the body, helps with increasing focus and creativity, uplifting moods, reliving headaches and migraines in addition to soothes pain.

The revolutionary MMRX cocktails are promised to generally be on top of taste and environment friendly with a sleek patent design packaging. The product or service comes in numerous Martini varieties, infused with premium 100-150 mg of Raw Cannabis. Inside the booming Cannabis market these cocktails are instilling the interest of countless people who’re getting aware of the advantages Cannabis offers to the health. Most of the recipes are selected with great detail, after testing numerous recipes.

MMRX comes in a range of delicious and popular flavors for instance Canna Cosmo which a mix of cranberry juice with 100 mg raw cannabis to make an aromatic delight, the Absinthe pear, Ganja grape, high in the beach which a mixture of multiple fruit drinks and Cannabis, G6 Punch berry composed of 150 mg of cannabis combined with lemon, cranberry and pineapple. Additionally, it appears inside the classic whipped strawberry creme and delicious chocolate flavors that happen to be pretty loved by the Martini lovers throughout the world. MMRX will quickly be introducing two new exotic flavors namely the Laced Lemonade and Chiba Cherry.

MMRX is able to drink beverage which can be carried around while travelling, for picnic, parties or may be simply enjoyed in the home. It might be instantly opened and sipped starting from the bottle. The merchandise comes in a pack of four, twelve and twenty-four. Additional information is obtainable at


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