Pure honey with antiseptic properties

Pure honey with antiseptic properties, destroy natural bacteria, honey has been utilized a good deal in medicine, ancient medicine and modern to simply treat the ailment in the home. Combining honey with herbs, fruits along with other foods which can help enhance wound healing and treatment markedly.


1. Honey and Guggul: Cure Rheumatism

Guggul tree is actually a native herb of India is believed to get a significant effect in reducing blood cholesterol, and features a variety of enzymes is effective in reducing the symptoms of arthritis. When coupled with honey guggul tree, you will raise the anti-inflammatory, analgesic more.

mat ong chanh dao

2. Honey and starch technology: Cure canker sore

Characterized antibacterial and antimicrobial honey can accelerate the recovery process of sores, canker sore. Take honey combined with starch and apply technology in sores three times / day.

3. Honey and ginger juice: cure sinusitis

Take 1 teaspoon of mixed fresh ginger juice with honey and drink 2-3 times / day to cure the symptoms of sinusitis, rhinitis.

4. Honey and orange juice: Relieve stress

Studies have proven, effective commitment psychological conditioning, stress, anxiety, exhaustion. When added honey with fresh orange juice, you can expect to immediately feel refreshed, much more comfortable after drinking. Citrus essential oils can also help improve concentration and alertness towards the body.

5. Honey and pineapple: help give up smoking

Pineapple features a high vitamin C content, while people that smoke or are lacking this vitamin. Eating and drinking pineapple then add honey before smoking also works to take medicine, decreasing the urge to smoke.

6. Honey, bay leaf (laurel) and celery seed: abdominal pain


Combination of chives, minced celery seed / minced with honey — taken before lunch and dinner daily may help support the treating of abdominal pain, stomach pain, abdominal pain.

7. Honey, cinnamon and trikatu: helps increase the circulation of blood

Trikatu that utilizes herbal indigestion treatment, conditioning blood circulation, thus, just one single teaspoon with this mixture also enhances the flow of blood to the body.

8. Honey and cinnamon: eczema treatment

Scientists have realized that honey not simply heal the damaged skin in severe cases of eczema and dry skin removes dead, but it may also grow new skin regeneration. This formula also added cinnamon to further improve wound healing.

The remedy: Apply honey and cinnamon powder (equal proportions) on the area affected. Then squeeze half a lemon and mix by using a teaspoon of honey in a glass of tepid to warm water. Let’s drink this cup each morning, prior to deciding to eat / drink everything else for a variety of weeks, or till the signs and symptoms of skin lesions has expired.

Alternatively, mix 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar with 1 teaspoon of honey in the glass water and drink regularly 3 times / day, with meals.

9. Honey, methi seeds, ginger: asthma

This really is a recipe ancient Indian medicine, methi seeds used in conjunction with ginger and honey. If honey is useful for the trachea, ginger has anti-inflammatory properties, analgesic, the methi seeds can support treating problems connected with the airways like asthma, pneumonia.

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