You wonder what to say, what to do. You want to help, but how?

Perhaps you’re one grieving. You wonder if what you’re under-going is usual. You sense alone, and possibly somewhat crazy. Exactlty what can you do?

People often feel misunderstood, judged, even rejected during a time period of grief and loss. This may cause matters much harder for an already broken heart.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Please Be Patient, I’m Grieving might help.

Bestselling author, hospice chaplain, and grief expert Gary Roe has walked with a huge number of hurting people from the valley of grief. Within this comforting, practical, and straightforward-to-read book he gives you a glimpse of the grieving heart.

If you’re trying to help someone, you’ll discover you can make a greater portion of an impact than you dreamed possible. If you’re the main one grieving, you’ll be comforted and reassured that you’re less weird or crazy as you might have thought.

When you read, you’ll learn…

•How the grieving friend, relative, or co-worker might be feeling and thinking.

•How to discover what they already want and don’t need.

•Exactly what to say and not to say.

•How to be a help and never a hindrance in their grieving process.

•Just how the grief and pain of others could affect you.

•How helping others stimulates your personal growth and healing.

•How the skills discussed here can enhance your relationships.

This book could help you build a priceless ability- tips on how to hear the heart of somebody who’s hurting. The rewards for them, and for you, may be staggering. You will be better able to tend to and support those people who are hurting and grieving. Furthermore you will acquire more impact than you thought possible.

The grieving people your sphere need you. This loss-ridden, hurting world needs you. That you are more essential than you understand.

Allow the journey in the grieving heart begin.


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