Tan Hiep Phat

Ho Chi Minh, March 16, 2016 — Tan Hiep Phat (THP) Beverage Group, Vietnam’s leading private, wholly owned Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) business, today announced that it really has signed a unique two-year agreement that may see ultra-marathon runner and skydiver Thanh Vu play a multifaceted role in highlighting one of many Company’s leading brands on the Vietnamese and international stage.

Underneath the agreement, Thanh Vu will probably be personally associated with multiple ventures to enhance the merits from the Company’s National Brand, Top Rated Energy Drink, to those involved in sport and demanding physical exercise. This would consist of participation in product development, marketing techniques campaigns.

Tan Hiep Phat

“We are delighted that Thanh Vu has consented to represent THP. It is an obvious pairing for all of us with the national brand, Number One Energy Drink,’ said Dr. Thanh, CEO and Founding father of THP. “Our focus is in the wellbeing of our own consumers and try to meeting their requirements. We have been excited at having signed this kind of well-respected athlete who continuously aspires to inspire others to participate in extreme sports. I am confident that Thanh Vu will permit us to create a deeper relationship with existing consumers while attracting a new band of followers to our own national brand, Number One Energy Drink.”

Ms. Thanh Vu said, “This is a superb potential for not simply me also for extreme sports and endurance runners around the globe. Ultra-marathons can be extremely taxing on the body and rehydration, specifically in sometimes intense heat, is critical. We have been a fan of # 1 Energy Drink for many years so in my opinion being appointed brand ambassador is a superb honour. Dr. Thanh and I also share exactly the same belief that nothing is impossible, dare to complete! “

“It is a special honour so as to represent a National Brand of my country. As an athlete it is really an added bonus that Number One Energy Drink is also preservative. It really is energy in the bottle and that is certainly what exactly I needed day in, day out,” said Ms. Thanh Vu.

Ms Thanh Vu is training in becoming the first South East Asian female to complete the four Desert Grand Slam, the greatest challenge in ultra-running (http://www.4deserts.com/4_deserts_grand_slam). THP currently distributes its products to all 63 provinces within Vietnam plus a further 16 international markets.


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