China PCB Manufacturer

When designer make a new design, they will quickly start the fabrication for prototypes; PCBA fabrication takes a lot of time, if there are actually reliable PCBA OEM manufacturer, can perform the main one site service from PCB, Components purchase and SMT&DIP Assembly also PCBA function testing; The structure engineer can have a longer period for any design works and will focus on the products; But no need to divert their attention to the fabrications.

However the situation is almost all of the EMS manufacturer choose to perform large quantity PCBAs, reluctant to fabricate the prototypes. Why? Reasons following:

1. Time is Money, the sample PCBA fabricate need much more transform for SMT line; If there are many more transform for SMT lines, the development efficiency is less. Each products need materials loading, SMT Machine setting, it may need about 2 hours for each and every transform.

2. Components are difficult to get; You can find MOQ for a few of the components, should you sourcing more, it will eventually no use within forseeable future. May very well be stock for a long time.

3. The acquisition work and time for mass order or PCB contract manufacturing are same, so it will likely be require more benefit buyers ,if same value components purchase.

To chose a suitable EMS supplier, you may searching by B2B website for instance :;;

1)Each supplier have there advantage, you need to selected a company that happy to do the PCBA prototypes; Including PCBSINO

2)When the PCBA suppliers pay high attention for each project, when they have a sales engineer to trace the project? And also to reply your engineer questions with time.

3)You have to check if they can doing 100% AOI Testing for PCBAs.

4)When they can doing 100% Function testing per PCBAs.

5)Over 96% pass rate for PCBA productions

6)Fast PCBA supplier can doing each project in less than 25 days.

PCBSINO Advantage:

PCBSINO Technologies was establish in 1990 in Hongkong City, and 2 years later (year 1995), it’s PCBSINO (Shenzhen) YISI PCB assembly plant began production. From year 1990, PCBSINO has been, and may is still a market-leading supplier on PCB tmanufacturing,PCB Assembly, supplier of Electronic circuit prototyping and mass production, Turnkey Solutions. Our company offers unbeatable OEM/ODM customer services, convenience and engineering expertise to worldwide.

In PCBSINO, we thrive on PCB and Assembly Contract Manufacturing, PCBA Turnkey solutions . Bring us any project and we will partner along with you, supporting you in reaching your goals.


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