Bank of America Review — Big Bank Would Bring in Customers — Will it Place Them?

Bank of America, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina is actually a banking giant. As being a big bank, second in holdings simply to JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America attracts many customers because of the vast number of locations along with the huge offering of services of products. Some customers seek out big banks like Bank of America to the a feeling of security; others become customers by default as Bank of America gobbles up other institutions like Merrill Lynch and FleetBoston Financial Corp. Many clients are fascinated with the competitive rates of Bank of America while others are lured in by special online deals and gifts. So Bank of America now has over 53 million customers including individuals and businesses however are Bank of America customers «happy customers?’

Bank of America’s Comprehensive Products are a Plus

Bank of America is not any doubt an entire service bank offering about any financial product a banking customer could desire including checking accounts, savings accounts, home loans, school loans, car loans, business loans, certificates of deposit, bank cards, brokerage services and even more.

Bank of America’s Customer Support Options:

bank of america locator has branches in many medium to large cities in america. They likewise have a website, for account access and bill pay. The website also provides all sorts of customer support telephone numbers.

Can Customers have a «Happy Meal» for a Super-sized Bank?

Most people are satisfied with the selection of products available from Bank of America. Those with good credit are finding it simple to acquire competitive rates. Many have got reap the benefits of temporary reduced rates, made a minimum of the minimum payments punctually and repaid the balance prior to the rate skyrocketed. They are the happy customers.

As the products are vast plus the rates are competitive, many customers share exactly the same stories of customer satisfaction frustrations. Unhappy customers are blasting away in forums about negative experiences with messages or calls to Bank of America customer care reps.

Our personal experiences with Bank of America have included messages or calls contributing to long holds, many transfers, unresolved questions and customer satisfaction reps that appear to need to pass through us off.

On the flip side, our experiences using the Bank of America site are favorable. It is possible to access, convenient to use and fast.

Bank of America also provides many cash incentives to usher in clients. As with most small print, with Bank of America you’d better read it carefully. For example, a $50.00 cash gift for opening a new account will only be made 50 days later and sometimes standard fees minimize the «gift» prior to ever get it.

Bank of America recently announced Brian Moynihan since the new CEO. Moynihan admits, «There exists a great deal of work to do, and I’m ready.»

Bank of America posseses an impressive number of services and products however, many customers just feel like a number, instead of an incredibly high one, when dealing with this big bank.


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