Bathroom Tile Design — Material Types for Bathroom Tile Designs

Good bathroom tile design should build a floor surface that may be attractive, water-resistant and safe just to walk on. Bathroom tile designs using ceramic tile, rubber flooring or vinyl and linoleum floors are examples of bathroom tile design material choices that ought to be available nearly anywhere. These types of tiles are super easy to clean, water resistant and safe simply to walk on. If you are intending to implement natural stone or terra-cotta ceramic tiles with your floors to make a more sophisticated effect, be sure to find the kind using a non-slip finish.

While you consider which granite countertops toronto designs to decide on, each kind of tile are going to have unique properties that might or might not provide characteristics that are great for your bath room. The following are different material types for bathroom tile design in conjunction with advantages or disadvantages of every:

1. Laminate and Vinyl Bathroom Tile Design — these types of tile in bathroom tile designs can be found in a range of colors, patterns and textures. Some tiles even imitate wood, stone and ceramic. It is really not expensive, is waterproof, straightforward to install and clean and it is durable.

2. Ceramic Bathroom Tile Design — ceramic tile can range from fairly cheap to expensive and it is the classic choice. Tile is made from clay, shale or porcelain and is also formed and fired at high temperatures until it hardens. The greater the temperature and also the more times the tile is fired, the harder and fewer porous the tile.

If you use a white or cream ceramic tile for the bathroom, by using a different color grout like «blue» will give your bathrooms a dramatic look. Grout is the materials to fill the spaces between tiles. Make sure you apply sealers to grout lines in sections of heavy wear like countertops. Sealers may also preserve grout colors.

3. Stone Bathroom Tile Designs (marble, granite, brick, slate, onyx, travertine and limestone) — this tile could be beautiful, very strong, durable in high-traffic areas, it would last a long time, is low maintenance and easy to clean out. However, it can be expensive, it’s a cold material, may be slippery and absorbs stains easily.

4. Linoleum Bathroom Tile Design — this tile is manufactured out of renewable and natural materials like linseed oil, ground cork, limestone, jute and wood flour. This style of bathroom floor is setting up a comeback with new marbled and graphic designs, and is particularly stronger and simpler to completely clean than vinyl tile.

5. Mosaic Bathroom Tile — this wonderful tile was an ancient craft that today can be done of tile, stone, porcelain and colored glass, creating stunning floor patterns. These tiles are small (1 or 2 inches square) and quite often expensive. What you can do is to put in a small area of this type of tile for visual interest to your floor or countertop.

6. Concrete Bathroom Tile Designs — durable, low maintenance, ideal for wet areas and stunning. You will discover this particular tile in beautiful textures such as shiny, rough, slick and sandpaper and in various sizes and colors.

7. Hardwood — you are able to build up your bathroom floor using solid wood, parquet flooring or engineered woods (several layers of wood laminated and high-tech materials that act like plywood). Hardwoods are wear-resistant, attractive, comfortable simply to walk on, easy to clean and refinish, not so cold in the winter months, but are more at risk of moisture when employed in a bathroom.


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