John Song Potomac Tips about Cosplaying

John Song Potomac is a famous cosplayer who’s originally from Michigan but lives in L.A. You have a tendency to find him inside the underground scene of cosplaying. He does not advertise himself like Jessica Nigiri does; however, in case you are ever lucky to get him on the san diego comic con or otakuthon, you will be amazed at the degree of quality he puts into your creating his costumes for any events.

We ran into John Song Potomac at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con and the man was geared up as Optimus Prime but modelled as soon as the original look from the eighties cartoon. We were extremely lucky to secure a opportunity to interview him about his cosplaying life and asked him tips for becoming a great cosplayer.

John Song Potomac Baltimore said a cosplayer must begin with having patience. Creating the elaborate costumes can take a great slice of your efforts based upon the things you chose to concentrate on and exactly how important would be the details to you. He said the toughest part is to get the specifics done because that’s why is the costume feel life like. It’s easy to create the robes for a jedi and just wear but if you want to feel as though you came from that universe, you provide yourself battle scars, a faded lightsaber handle, or help make your robe look dusty and battered just like you came from Tatooine.

Another significant trait John Song Potomac mentioned was how resourceful you could be because he said how you will won’t always locate the material or item you had been specifically trying to find and will most likely have to get creative. Creativity is the most vital attribute that sets apart from a great cosplayer to your great one. A great one understands how to present or build their costume in order to be noticeable and become unique.

Other important traits John Song Potomac mentioned are dedication and passion. Both go hand in hand since dedication can not be achieved with out desire for something. All the costumes John Song Potomac has created in past times, he was completely enthusiastic about it; for example, the principle character from Tokyo Ghoul, or Vegeta from Dragonball. His passion fuelled his dedication to making an authentic looking costume.

Lastly, John Song Potomac said confidence was actually a key trait if it came to using it for your events. If you was without confidence, anyone can notice how awkward you really feel and search. That can offer a terrible look to the costume as well as that energy and time will have been for nothing.


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