Nora Milton DISAPPEARS With Out A TRACE during her mission trip to Mexico when she stumbles across gun traffickers’ suspicious activities. Nora banks on her faith in God to transport her from the HARDEST TRIAL OF HER LIFE. She’s left alone and is also forced to wonder if she is going to ever see her family again.

Anthony, is inspired by Nora’s enthusiastic outlook on life. He wonders if something more than friendship can be into their future, However SHE Needs To Be FOUND. Anthony vows he won’t resume the states without her. His persistence to God and also to Nora compels Anthony to OFFER HIS FREEDOM FOR HERS.

Greg Nelson IS On The MISSION — to clear the streets with the vile substance. Every thought, heartbeat, his every breath, is centered on this particular one goal. His pain and bitterness towards those liable for the loss of his sister DRIVES HIM To Perform THE IMPOSSIBLE.

Anticipation diamond, A NATIONAL JEWEL, Has Become STOLEN from a museum containing a state-of-the-art security system.

Case agent Daniel Grisham feels the strain from those above him to apprehend the thief. HOW IS HE TO FIND ONE

WHO LEAVES Not Much Of A CLUE? Little does Daniel know this case will link investigations with all the DEA, and lead him and his team to gun runners, a drug lord, and ultimately Mexico.

Growing up, romances were considered the worse books to see around my house. A minimum of certain romances were. Chick lit and high school romances were acceptable to study on occasion and classics were always fine. But traditional romances which has a man and a woman embracing about the cover? Those were trashy, poorly written, and simply worth reading for the sex scenes which probably made-up at the very least one half of the book’s contents.

After a certain age, I used to be permitted to read whatever book I wanted to, but romances were looked down upon because the least valuable genre. However, by the time I hit middle school, DEA novels were just too tempting.

Since they’re available at every place ever that sells secondhand books, it wasn’t hard to me to uncover romances and form my own, personal opinions about romances. And it wasn’t prior to I truly liked them, a lot that I started my own personal blog to examine just them. And countless other readers love them as much.

There are many of stereotypes involving avid romance readers, like desperate spinsters, lonely women, and curious teenage girls. But the truth is, the majority of romance readers are college educated ladies who are married and still have fulfilling lives. So though there exists a measure of escapism, there’s a great deal more on the appeal of romance than that.


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