The best way to Grow Romain Lettuce

In case you are figuring out how to grow Romain lettuce, I say that you are currently making the right selection. This variety of lettuce will be the least likely the people you may buy considering the easy explanation why its leaves are incredibly fragile therefore it is easily damaged in shipment. Thus, commercial growers opt to not grow this range of lettuce.


That, i believe, may be sort of frustrating. Romain lettuce is among the tastiest type of lettuce. The deep green color of its leaves causes it to become more flavorful than say, crisphead or butterhead lettuce — two varieties of lettuce which can easily be bought in the market.

However, the great side is, it is just as easy to grow Romain lettuce as with all other lettuce variety. Actually, should you are now living in warmer climates, this sort of lettuce is the best choice as Romain lettuce are certainly more tolerant of warmth than any other variety of lettuce.

Like other type of lettuce, the Romain variety contains a healthy part of antioxidants. In fact, this vegetable is in the set of food from the American Institute for Cancer Research which can fight cancer. In addition to this, furthermore, it contains loads of Ascorbic Acid, A and K in addition to beta-carotene and folate amongst others.

To develop Romain lettuce, here are several what exactly you need to put together first in order to expect an extremely bountiful harvest of vegetables:


The place where you are planning to grow your lettuce have to be very suitable. First of all, if your home is within a warmer climate, it truly is best that you simply choose a place where plot is shaded by trees. If not, you can create an improvised shade so the lettuce won’t be so open to sunlight.

One more thing quite simply must also prepare the plot making it ideal for planting Romain lettuce. A very important thing to do will be to prepare raised bed for the lettuce. Also, you might like to add some fertilizers suitable for lettuce month or so before planting the lettuce seeds. The best fertilizer to implement in cases like this are compost or organic fertilizers.


You can actually procure Romain lettuce inside your local supermarket from the garden section. Just ensure you are obtaining the right variety. Concerning planting, the best way to plant a lettuce seed is always to plant it right on the soil.

Since lettuce seeds are quite fine, even distribution might be a challenge. For this reason, it is highly suggested that you plant the seeds in rows 18 inches apart as well as the seeds must be spaced 12 inches apart.


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