Tidal music streaming

“Lemonade” Beyonce’s latest visual album has taken within a question within the music industry that whether visual albums can fetch more music streams. There exists much anticipation pertaining to it so when in this visual album Beyonce the singer attempts to send strong messages into the society, both political and private. It provides separate chapters with titles like Intuition, Denial, Apathy, Emptiness and Resurrection that has music streams that belongs to them.

Effect of visual album

Before releasing anything it is vital that the public is teased about this to ensure that they wait eagerly for the purpose is going to be released. Same continues to be done in case of “Lemonade” where Beyonce had teased in Instagram about something called “lemonade.” It had been on last Saturday on 23rd April that HBO released it also it turned out to be visual album.


Music albums are standard along with been ruling the songs industry. Now, when all things are online, now you ask , whether visual albums bring in more opportunity of music streaming. Everything is dependent on the way the listeners are reacting towards the music. When something is teased again and again and are generally waiting eagerly to the music it truly is natural how the streaming could be more, simply that everything really needs to be completed by Tidal.

Tidal finding the streaming rights

In regards to music video streaming you will discover different way listeners receive their video downloaded. They prefer torrent for cheaper options whilst it had not been obtainable in iTunes during the initial few days. Fans could download or stream the songs from Tidal.

Keeping aside Beyonce Lemonade visual album now you ask , still same that whether visual albums can fetch more streaming. Everything is going to be depended upon the tunes of the albums and naturally the online marketing strategy. However, in case there is Lemonade, there is not much online marketing strategy involved apart from the teaser on Instagram. It turned out an unexpected launch in HBO along with reached the united states billboard Chart 100 within week of its launch. There have been millions of downloads too.

To terminate the discussion, it can be obvious that if you find visuals you can find high chances that you can view things they are listening. The artist is bale to let you know what precisely they are really thinking and portray their words in a better way. This have positive influence on the listeners, rather in the viewers that will increase the amount of streaming.


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