Essential Oils And Travel — Packing Strategies For Your Essential Oils

What packing secrets can certainly make the packing of your essential oils easier? There are numerous things that can assist make your oils safe and organized whilst you travel, and additionally, there are some hints with regards to the ones you take in your one-quart plastic bag.

For Your Personal Checked Bag

I use a specially padded carrying case for 30 vials of essential oils, though a number of people choose the carrying case for 16 vials. It provides dividers of padded cotton between where each bottle sits, which happens to be great to ensure they are from banging together. This also has padding on every side, top, and bottom. There are plenty of excellent essential oil carrying case available, but this style is one of the best.

On Your One-Quart Plastic Bag

Things I do is align six 5 ml oil bottles towards the bottom of the non-zip sandwich bag and fold it over them to have a secure carrier. I place them inside a zipped plastic snack bag.

Because of the possibility of located on the tarmac and becoming too hot, I additionally put a 15 ml bottle of peppermint oil in my one-quart bag. This 15 ml bottle are going to have only 15-20 drops of peppermint oil inside it. Generally If I want it to help cool down my body temperature, I simply

1, fill with water to just about the top of the bottle

2. replace the cap lid which has a spray top

and so i have my personal spritzer! Peppermint is recognized for its cooling properties. I’ve been seen to spray it on my own shoulders, neck, etc., but it is essential to keep peppermint beyond the eyes, mainly because it burns up.

A Tip for

Most companies provide labels to look onto the top of the essential oil bottles and these are incredibly helpful, specifically for the bottles from the padded carrying case. When your eyes are over 40 years old, you could possibly would prefer to build your own labels with your label maker!

Hopefully this information has been helpful for people who will be unfamiliar with essential oils also to traveling with them. For more info about essential oils and travel, I invite anyone to visit and select the TRAVEL navigation bar.

If you would like more tips on a bi-weekly basis, I invite one to subscribe to my Essential Oils Newsletter at the website above. Simply try to find CONTACT towards the end of your navigation bar, click, and place NEWSLETTER during the text box that appears.

If you are ready to shop for essential oils for your personal trip, I invite anyone to visit for a variety of almost 200 oils. The kits feature the 5 ml bottles that we pack inside my one-quart bag. In the general list of essential oils, there are actually essential oils in 5 ml and 15 ml sizes.

If one of the favorite oils only will come in a 15 ml size and you want it in a very 5 ml size, you may clean a vacant 5 ml bottle, put your oil coming from the 15 ml bottle involved with it, and re-label it along with your label maker. Another choice is to find several empty 5 ml bottles from the same vendor from who you bought your essential oil carrying case.

In case you have questions, I invite you to get in touch at either with the websites above. Meanwhile, here’s to safe and pleasant travels with the essential oils!


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