A Very Dependable, Accommodating & Regular Cleaning Service

WN Cleaning Services Ltd has been at the forefront of Cleaning since 2003.

Due to the superb service we provide WN Cleaning Services Ltd has grown drastically since the beginning, however, we are proud to say we remain a family run company. Our ethos of providing a terrific service with cleaners who take pride in their work is just as strong today as it was on day one. WN Cleaning Services Ltd consistently strives to provide the high standards that the business was founded on.

Our service is fully flexible, built to meet the customer’s demands and exceed their anticipations. We’re happy to undertake most cleaning, which includes ironing.

Domestic Cleaning

Your property will be cleaned by one of our fully-uniformed and vetted team of Cleaning company in Rossendale home cleaners on a day of your choosing and using our own specialist cleaning products and equipment.

We operate a free fully insured secure key holding service so if you can’t be there our maids can still fulfill your clean for you.

Commercial Cleaning

At WN Cleaning Services Ltd we understand the significance of promoting a smart, hygienic and tidy workplace. Commercial premises should be an efficient space that is both fashioned and maintained well to promote workforce welfare, team work and work productivity. For many of our clients, their workplace is a place where they bring site visitors, and plays a vital part in helping them to create the right impression of their brand and business.


From classrooms, staff rooms, assembly halls and the library to the cafeteria, PE dept and lavatories, there’s a lot to keep clean in an educational establishment. This environment presents its own unique challenges. Spaces tend to be heavily used through the day and hygiene is very important for the health and safety of students and staff, as well as for preserving a professional and pleasant environment.

Retail / Leisure

In the realm of retail and leisure, presentation and appearance are essential facets of everything you do. They help to draw in customers to your properties, and along with good services and product, add to the experience that can bring customers back again and again to shop, eat, sleep and socialise.


WN Cleaning Services Ltd has extensive experience of undertaking cleaning services for financial institutions. The cleanliness and appearance of banks, building societies and financial establishments has a direct effect on the perception of your company and brand. We are able to tailor the cleaning service to meet with your distinctive requirements and can programme the frequency and delivery of the cleaning services to suit your needs.


Poor hygiene in healthcare facilities such as hospitals, dental offices, and GP surgeries, can put people’s lives in peril. Infections can spread quickly throughout these areas, with possibly devastating consequences.


Industrial cleaning varies, from specialist drug and medication manufacturing or electronic component assembly within clean rooms to heavy plant, equipment and machinery manufacturing right through to food processing plants.


We’re not an agency, each of our Professional cleaners are employed by WN Cleaning Services Ltd and are Criminal Record checked. They work in exceptionally productive teams of two or three, supplying you with security and uniformity week after week. In value per visit no-one can beat us.


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