Roofing services in altrincham

Inspite of the dominant place a roof has in the design of a building, it’s often given minimal consideration when planning a renovation or new-build. This is regrettable, as an ingenious roof design not only has the potential to give your home in Altrincham a good looking appearance, it can also free up space inside, increase the amount of light which penetrates the building, strengthen energy efficiency and even produce an alternative energy supply through the set up of solar panels. With so many unique benefits to be taken from selecting the rightroof, it’s a good idea to spend some time considering what options are available.

As well as traditional pitched roofs with gable ends, there are numerous of remarkable variations to look at. A saltbox design, which comprises one two slopes (one short and steep, the other longer with a more delicate gradient) is a great way of providing a generous area of tile suitable for solar panel positioning on a smaller house in Altrincham or the surrounding area. Why not look to the continent for ideas and consider an intriguingly shaped Mansard or Gambrel roof? These both work efficiently on larger, detached households where ensuring a smooth transition from the roof of one property to an adjacent one is not a consideration. A semi-detached or terraced house needs roofing contractor in altrincham materials which will mesh effortlessly with those used on the adjoining homes.

Partial flat roofs can often serve an additional purpose as a patio area, but issues with drainage are a aspect to consider, so generally they must form only part of the roofing for a property. New innovations and breakthroughs in roofingtechniques and materials are always occurring, so it’s worth checking with a professional roofer what choices might best suit your individual property, considering factors such as budget, roof aspect, planning constraints and various other variables.


Sometimes the mere mention of ‘Flat roof’ sends homeowners into an illogical frame of mind. I’ve had clients spend 15 times the cost of changing a unseen flat roof, and converting it to a pitched roof to save the cost of putting another flat roof on in later years BUT the majority of modern flat roofs have an average life expectancy of 20 years, so you would probably only have to replace it two or maybe three times prior to being old or deceased. Brutal but honest…Unless its for aesthetic reasons flat roofs are cheaper, and of course you can also have a pretty flat roof.

Give us a call if you’d like more details on finding a suitable roof style for your property in Altrincham.


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