Top Domain and website name registration providers for 2016

If you need to start a blog you will need a couple of things hosting and your own domain name. While you will find many hosting businesses that provide hosting to get a blog or website, these are some good businesses that provide mainly domains then also hosting as a possible additional service

Below I will give you some popular services that offer domains at reasonable prices and regularly come forth with deals and discount offers as well.

Godaddy is a lot more popular because of their super bowl ads in the usa to the public, but a majority of people also do know they are dealing in websites and website names. Go daddy is probably the top domain registrars in the world. They started with domains and from now on they give everything concerning websites from domain names, hosting, ssl certificates and even more.

Technology and WordPress

Name cheap is yet another big US domain provider which offers domain names for the new website or blog. As their names suggest they give domains cheap and so are quite competitive in the domain selling market. They often times come forth with good deals for very limited time periods.

Google domains

Google has recently entered the website address market and they might hold a significant share sooner or later should they go all the way in this. It can be yet to be seen in case the competition and regulation body opposes this move though. While they already provide you with the biggest free blogger service, their domainname providing service ties in well.

Net Registry

Net registry has been in this niche for long periods and has become a big player in Australia. They actually do a lot of wholesales sales for website names and even come out with discount deals for that Australian and world markets.

1& 1 domain

These people are another cheap domain provider that come out with deals via coupons codes or discounts every so often were you will get domains for as low from $1 to 3 per pop. They focus on a myriad of website names and tlds.

Pricing for domains normally are between .99 to a $1 while they are current deals or discounts. Normal prices might be between $11 to $22 to get a .com or other country tlds like Website names can also be made available via auctions and reselling and the majority of these providers involve some reseller programs or then you can certainly promote them to get a commission.

Have a great time taking your new domain and starting your brand new website.


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