3 Dates three months Inc. Launches The 3 Great Dates Contest

3 Dates 90 days Inc. launched its 3 Great Dates Contest July 5, 2016. The contest will run until September 1, 2016 and its open to residents of Ontario who happen to be 21 years or older.

The Contest Features 3 Great Companies all local on the Toronto, Ontario and surrounding areas.

The Grand Prize is sponsored by Mysteriously Yours Murder Mystery Theatre and includes tickets for a couple of to the Dinner & Live Show. «This is a great date idea» says 3 Dates 90 days Inc. Ambassador Portia Proper. «I’ve personally attended among their Dinner Shows and had an amazing time. The meals was fantastic, the Show was entertaining and had some hilarious crowd participation in it too!»

The Next Prize is sponsored by TA Photography of Barrie, singles ontario. It offers a 2 Hour Review of Photography Lesson for 2 and also a $25 Gift Card into a restaurant in the winner’s choice. TA Photography founder Tammy-ann offers, «today all people have an electronic digital camera however, not everyone understands their cameras capabilities. A Few Things I am offering can help participants familiarize yourself with their camera while learning the need for composition, lighting & exposure. Photography is a relaxing activity that offers two people the ability to uncover the world around them while discovering the other this is why it creates this sort of Great Date Idea.»

Your Third Prize is now being sponsored by Bowlerama in Barrie, ON. It includes 1 hour of Cosmic Bowling and Shoe Rental for two. «Who doesn’t love bowling, especially bowling at nighttime» adds Portia. «It’s an exciting atmosphere that you is often as relaxed or as competitive as you desire. Cheer each other on or go head over to head, in any event . it’s a sure win for a Great Date.»

To enter the contest visit 3Dates3Months.info. The brand new online game changing community 3Dates3Months.com launches September 1, 2016.


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