Our company is a diamond retail company located in Israels diamond exchange. We supply high graded quality cut diamonds. We think about it our mission to build ongoing relationships with your clients through resolve for excellence in everything we do. Our goal is usually to promote trust with your valued customers by giving authentic premium quality diamonds by using we of dedicated professionals.

Apollo apollodiamonds.co.il — your purchase is far more than an investment inside a beautiful piece of jewelry-it is also a good investment inside the proper care of your piece by our experts. We at Apollo Diamonds are inspired through the spirit of Israel. Ingrained inside our roots is definitely the belief that everything is within reach. Our jewelry designers provide an insatiable appetite better today, and make an effort for a much better tomorrow.

Rules of Engagement Rings

Shapes are what Matters Most

Before those 4 Cs (cut, color, clarity, and carat), you have to know what shape your future fiancee loves. Shape indicates the specific geometry of the stone, instead of cut, which relates to the angles with the facets from the stone.

Settings Are Second in line

A quality setting — the metal framework through which your stone is mounted — can set the tone for any ring. A classic round engagement ring stone turns into a fresh and modern makeover within a bezel setting. An elegant oval looks more conventional within a four-prong setting. Getting the right combo of shape and setting is important.

Why not spy on Her Style?

The popularity these days is perfect for couples to ring-shop together, in case you’re much more of a traditionalist and searching to surprise her using a ring she’ll love, be sure you do a little reconnaissance. You can ask her best friend or sibling for help — and swear these phones secrecy. But when you’re set on not telling anyone, take notice of the jewelry she wears. Is she even more of a platinum/silver girl than the usual yellow-gold one? Does she gravitate to vintage jewels rather than simple, classic pieces? Watch her for several weeks and take mental notes to size up her style.

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