Tags are words that describe the beats, artists related or rappers that I think would conduct a good job around the beats!

Drake — Summer Sixteen (his new track)

And obviously the album If You’re Looking At This It’s Too Far Gone, an inspiration for this particular beat.

Legend (prod boi 1da), Energy, 10 Bands, Know Yourself, No Tellin’, Madonna(prod noah shebib), 6 God, Star67, Preach, Wednesday Night Interlude, Accustomed To(prod wondagurl), 6 Man, Now And Forever, Company, You & The 6, Jungle, 6PM In The Big Apple, How Bout Now.

Plenty of OVO sound related artists were also an inspiration like PARTYNEXTDOOR.

Travis scott type beat

Travis Scott’s Rodeo, I thought it was not gonna be up to pair regarding his other works, but it was really good. Travis has certainly improved on his rapping, you could tell if you compare his latest tracks to his OG Owl Pharoah releases. I have got realized that the general consensus is always that Maria I’m Drunk is incredible, having said that i preferred the original Drunk when compared with it, didn’t feel Bieber over Travis’ verse. Even the original Travis Scott type beat was better. I’m slightly sad which i can’t yell «I Would Like Us A BLUUUNT» within this album version. Night Call, Oh My Dis Side, and 90210 are typical absolutely amazing.

I’ve listened to his Rodeo EP 3 times and I like it. Wasn’t expecting to enjoy after 3500, I felt that song was waaay too long and repetitive, but I got over it and the album exceeded my expectations. Features are also on point, Travis utilizes everyone very well.

The most popular Travis Scott type beat out of all the album really needs to be 90210, the beat switch is extremely good.


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