How to make Your Individual Subscriber List Business

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Selling e-mail lists can be a profitable sideline to any mail order business. Many dealers depend upon «direct mail» to market their goods or services. They are really always thinking about good, fresh prospects. The most common classifications of names are «Opportunity Seekers», «Cash Customers» and «Mail Order Dealers». Mail order dealers would be the easiest names to have. For getting them,, all you want do is copy the names & addresses of advertisers from current mail order trade publications. For the good selection of mail order magazines and newspapers, and answer ads for «Big Mails».

«Opportunity Seekers» are those which are searching for ways to earn extra money. «Cash Customers» are simply just people that have made purchases.


Never copy somebody else’s lists. This might involve you in «copyright infringement», a federal offense. Also, you might be duplicating old, stale lists. To be successful, your names & addresses need to be fresh and accurate. This can keep your customers returning repeatedly. To begin with, you need a computer or people to type the names for you. Try looking in your Telephone Book under «Secretarial Services». Or, contact mail order dealers who sell names. A lot of them is going to do your typing at reasonable rates. Another suggestion would be to contact the typing teacher within your local high school or business college. Students want to earn spending money-and it’s good practice for the kids, too.

The easiest way to possess the names typed is across the page. Use white paper plus a fresh black or red typewriter ribbon-never blue. Each 8 1/2″ x 11″ page will easily hold 50 names. Each page should be carefully coded in either upper corner about the page number, classification and date typed. Use any code you want, but one of many easiest is similar to this: «3CC10169». Therefore page 3, cash customers, typed October 16, 1999.

The date is really important. People change addresses rapidly in this particular country. Names in excess of 6 months old might be outdated. Following this length of time, it is best to throw these names away. Or, you can make a «follow-up» mailing to each and every name in your lists. Send these letters top notch with the return address plainly visible. Those who are «nixies» (undeliverable for starters reason or any other), really should be deleted. Rather then typing the complete corrected list over again, you might have replacement names typed over a separate piece of paper. Then carefully eliminate and paste another one name over each name that is not usable.

After the names are neatly typed,, take them in your printer. It costs about 3 cents to 4 cents to possess each sheet printed, if you order 100 copies at any given time. Which means every 100 copies of the page will set you back between $3 and $4, but could be worth $100.00 to $300.00 -depending upon what you choose to charge per 100 names. The simplest way to establish the «going price» is to discover the ads of other mailing list dealers in mail order trade publications. Never charge essentially the most, or perhaps the least. The middle of the trail is obviously best.


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