Bathroom fitter

Looking for a professional bathroom fitter? This site offers our customers a thorough service from start to finish providing all of them a comforting reassurance, because we stock out all of the plastering work, electrics, tiling and setting up a whole new bathroom suite . Our aim would be to deliver the perfect service inside a friendly, efficient and expense effective manner.

We are a thorough team using all of our in house workforce from beginning to end as well as your full satisfaction is guaranteed. So, if you’re searching for a bathroom fitter we’re the group you require!

Exactly What Can We All Do For You Personally?

Purchasing a bathroom for installation often gets underway with selecting the look, feel and type that you’d want to achieve. Be it a normal or modern bathroom you would like to create we have been here to offer help and guidance coming from the very start.

Bathroom Installations Glasgow

Below can be a quick guide but please don’t hesitate to phone us if you’d like to know more about fittings or even the installation procedure.

Bath fitting

Baths are often the very first thing folks take into consideration when contemplating a fresh bathroom and can identify the form of the entire bathroom. The caliber of the bath is often reflected in their thickness and that we would always propose that you select in the thickest bath that your particular funding permits. We’ll ensure that it is all totally fitted carefully and precise fitting — with everything sealed as it ought to be as well as the finish looking as great as being a show house!

Toilet fitting

Traditional toilets using a lever flush handle supply the timeless look of quality and elegance — While the smooth lines of a modern design is likely to make cleaning easier with all the added reward of offering water saving dual flush cisterns. In case your room is limited and you wish to maximise your space we’re in the position to hide the cistern within the bathroom furnishings.

Hand basin fitting

Hand basins obtain the most use within any bathroom yet it’s frequently over looked when contemplating and preparing for a bathroom layout. It’s vital that the basin complements other sanitary designs but should be very comfortable to make use of. We will help you with all of these design dilemmas!


Taps will help you to complete and complement the style and check of your finished bathroom. Your taps also have to be compatible with your water system. Convenience ought to be considered with lever taps made for anybody that has reduced mobility making use of their hands.

Shower fitting

Electric shower fitting

Electric showers use water supplied through the cold water mains in your home and heat it by using an “as and when” basis — this means you just use everything you require, providing the main benefit of being without to store any hot water and can also often get them to a smart selection for second bathrooms and en-suites.

Mixer showers fitting

Mixer showers come in many sorts and use this type of water completely from your homes hot water supply. The primary benefit of this is that they don’t require an electricity supply.

Power Shower fitting

Just like mixer showers, an electrical shower uses water direct through your warm water supply (held in your immersion tank) nevertheless with a built-in pump. The main advantage of an electric power shower will be all during the name — they feature a significantly better shower pressure!

Shower trays and enclosures fitting

The same as your bath, the shower area could possibly be the most essential appliance and area with your bathroom about style and design and in case you simply have a shower, then is nearly certainly the focal point of the bathroom. They are able to provide you with a washing facility in small locations where a bath struggles to fit or perhaps not economical because of size constraints or supply you with the luxury and elegance of an walk-in enclosure.

Bathroom furniture

Bathroom furniture supplies a brilliant method to add the finishing touches to your bathroom whilst also supplying sensible storage space. Another added advantage is simply because can be utilized and so are often intended to hide unpleasant pipe work that could be a burden to a stylish new design. While making cleaning easier by limiting dust traps and providing smooth surfaces to wipe over.

Lighting and electrical

Lights are necessary for any bathroom. With the practical need to be able to see from the mirror light could also be used to create a calming mood and ambience for a long soak after the long, hard day. Don’t neglect the shaver socket you may not use an electrical razor but you might want to charge an electrical toothbrush!

75% of the work emanates from recommendations from my satisfied customers. Here’s a couple of main reasons why:

Will beat any like for like quote!

We live local too, so in an emergency we’re never very far away

All jobs are done by our on-site team meaning no sub contracting, no delays and direct experience of no messing around

Free quotes.

Assist with all layout designs.

Advice on range of materials and appliances.

Careful decommissioning and disposal of your own old bathroom and appliances.

Minimised disturbance to other parts of your residence.

Elimination of all waste materials.

New ceilings in a number of finishes.

Plastering and skimming

Timber panelling.

Wall and floor tiling.

Be-spoke finishes.

Supply of all materials required.


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