Scaffolding — What you and the trader need to find out

If you were to ask five people at random about whether to make use of scaffolding and you’ll probably receive five different answers. There exists a frequent misunderstanding that ladders and stepladders are prohibited when traders operate at height, though the law recognises that low-risk cases will not entail scaffolding. It’s a question of using sound judgment.

When would you like to require scaffolding?

It truly is up to your trader to look for the degree of risk and employ the perfect equipment. Repairing a sole broken tile using a low roof will not be similar to setting up solar power panels 20 floors up. It really is dependent upon specifically what work you might be undertaking and the degree of danger it entails.

Traders need to ensure that their staff is safe since they work with your premises. Therefore working from your ground if you can. Should they have to operate at height, they ought to reduce the chance of falling by using existing safe roof areas or scaffolding.

NE Scaffolding Services

The type of scaffolding are they going to require?

Most scaffolding surrounding homes follows a well accredited, standard structure. Supported scaffolding is made of the base upwards to a set design.

Nonetheless, if it is difficult to make use of a basic standard configuration, a professional person — either a scaffold contractor or designer — will need to create a unique design to be sure the strength, rigidity and stability of your structure whilst it can be constructed, utilised and dismantled. Your trader can ascertain if this describes needed.

Will I have to use a licence?

If your builder or scaffolder has to erect scaffolding inside the perimeter for yourself property there’s no need for a licence. Nonetheless, if any portion of the scaffolding must go on the pavement or even the road outside your premises the builder or scaffolder will likely need to receive a licence from the local council. It depends on those to achieve the licence, however it’s your obligation to investigate which they have the proper documents.

In instances where there’s a associated risk on the public, you have to arrange scaffolding benefit quiet periods or get a highway closure from the local council.

Who can be responsible for health and safety?

Regarding construction done in your home NOT in relationship with any business, the builder, scaffolder or contractor who seems to be dealing with the scaffolding is usually to blame for preserving safety on location.

Though the rules differ for persons, partnerships or firms that require building work completed pertaining to their business. For instance property developers and corporations dealing with domestic properties one example is landlords, rental agents or estate agents. The Building (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 declare that their primary responsibility is to make certain their project is suitably managed, guaranteeing the safety and health of most those who could be impacted by the work, this can include the public.

Who are able to create scaffolding?

It’s necessary to employ a builder or scaffolding contractor that is qualified and knowledgeable to build scaffolding. Because of this they need to have the necessary skills, expertise and knowledge to care for health and safety. A certified scaffolder will hold a sound Construction Industry Record Scheme (CISRS) Card — it’s approximately your trader to examine that the person is qualified before any work begins.


Scaffolders cope with an original set of risks due to working at height. Builders or scaffolding companies need to have insurance that protects against all those risks, as an example public insurance to pay any trouble for the general public brought on by falling items from the scaffold together with employers’ liability insurance to insure their people if they are injured whilst operating at height. It truly is worth investigating that they have this insurance set up, just before commencing work.


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