Guitar Effects Pedals — A Summary Guide

Guitar effects pedals appear in a wide variety but the truth is most guitar effects are merely variations on four basic themes: Distortion, Dynamics, Reverb/Delay, and Pitch Modulation. In addition, they come in many different configurations which were initially, single effects constructed into pedals, called stomp boxes, which grew into multi-effects processors built in both floor pedals, rackmount, and tabletop units. Many also include drum machines and headphone jacks for practice purposes.

Distortion Effects Pedal

Distortion has three sorts of effects which are initially based on the sound of the overdriven tube amplifier and includes distortion, overdrive, and fuzz.

Dynamic Effects Pedal

In studio effects processing we discover compressors and noise gates, but also for guitars, we include gain and presence boosters, volume best fuzz pedal, and tremolo and vibrato effects, such as rotating speaker effects too. Compressors and gates are also available as separate effects however are usually constructed into multi-effects processors.

Reverb/Delay Effects Pedal

Covering effects, reverbs, delays, and echo. While these effects are created into guitar amps and are available as separate rackmount units, they can be found in stomp boxes and are also common in multi-effects processors. In the early days, delays used analogue tape loops to make echo effects. Today, these effects are made digitally and having modelling techniques.

Pitch Modulation Effects Pedal

Comprises of units that affect pitch such as flangers, wah-wah pedals, phase shifters, chorus, pitch shifters, and contains grown to add resonance filters, envelope filters, ring and talk modulators, and possesses even grown into full blown synths controlled by MIDI guitars.

Stomp Box vs. Rackmount, Single or Multi-Effects

The main question here is whether inexpensive single-effect stomp boxes, that happen to be generally quite noisy, are even necessary anymore. In the event you look in the racks of top guitarists who are able to afford anything they like, you will discover mixtures of stomp boxes and high-end processors. You will find any person guitar pedal, but also in varying combinations that impart a desirable and characteristic tone. This is where an individual’s personal taste can be purchased in. You could potentially go and have the exact same setup as your guitar legend, but which could keep you from finding your personal sound. Additionally, there are multi-effects processors that combine modelling with both vintage and modern effects in just one convenient floor pedal that can give you the specific sound of the guitar hero along with an extensive number of other options to craft your individual unique sound, which is why the ear dictates which the best guitar pedals certainly are a personal choice.

So, you should really think about guitar effects pedals like a relatively inexpensive means of developing new sounds and taking your music up different roads as well as remember they are not simply for electric and acoustic. You will find a great range of bass guitar effects pedals available too.


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