The Average Millionaire has Seven Sources of Income

Begin To Build Yours Today

Let’s take a look at different income streams that a businessman can generate online towards million dollar goal:

— Digital products. Being a professional who works together with customers, you are already aware what your customers would like to and also the information they are trying to find.

Turn this data into a sellable product by publishing and selling it. With respect to the topic and also the information, you could make digital products of several lengths.

— Audio Products may be delivered in just two different formats. They might be instantly downloaded out of your web-site any number of popular audio formats, or you could burn them onto a CD and physically ship the product or service.

Millionaire income streams

Either way is the best way to go since many people like to listen for information as an alternative to reading it.

— Webinars /Tele classes. Teaching classes over the internet accessible on the phone is a great way to demonstrate your expertise to a lot of people simultaneously as well as to offer your coaching or consulting sessions on the cheap point.

Material taught and discussed during webinar might be re-utilized to create tips booklets, special reports and audio products.

— Workshops enable you to teach to numerous people right away, rather than doing one on one sessions.

— Affiliate Programs. There are two various ways to use affiliate products as another income stream:

1. Creating an associate Program to your products, thus, sharing your products or services profits with folks who refer clients to you, and helping them create an extra income stream.

2. Recommending Other People’s Products, though their affiliate marketing program, thus creating another income stream for your own benefit plus your business.

As you can tell, there are lots of ways that you turn your expertise into products, and generate additional income along with it. When you are only starting out, pick one or two different product types, and work with them. Than, add a few more, and you will have different income streams created in no time.

Article by Bibi Apampa a very high Performance Business Coach at


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