Fun Activities to Do in Comerica Park

Visitors arriving to Detroit during summer get the chance to experience the Tiger game (baseball) held in the Comerica Park. This ball park is an open air facility in downtown Detroit and it is home for any Detroit Tigers from the Major League Baseball with the American League. The historic Tiger Stadium was substituted with the Comerica Park in 2000.

The renaming from the park follows acquisition of naming rights by Comerica Bank which was headquartered in Detroit as soon as the park opened. Comerica Bank has however moved its headquarters to Dallas though a huge presence is still retained in Detroit.

Comerica Login

Baseball enthusiasts will realize that the Comerica Park is actually a pitcher friendly facility against the hitter friendly facility that the erstwhile Tiger Park was. Consequent for some strong criticism, the park underwent some dimensional corrections lately.

In current times, the stadium has a capacity of 41,070 and includes several baseball themed features like «Monument Park» (similar to the Yankee Stadium).

Apart from the baseball game itself, the stadium now offers other entertainment opportunities like merry-go-round and Ferris wheel etc. While buying tickets for that stadium, try to find the terrace seats on level 1 so you can also love some shade and protect yourself from your summer sun. The rain gods also make an intermittent stop by at Detroit during summer. Finding parking with the stadium is convenient and even progressing to the stadium is never a challenge.

Summer brings plenty of website visitors to Detroit and therefore, booking your rooms in hotels well prior to your planned trip would be a good idea. You are able to scour the online world for a wide selection of lodging options from bed and breakfasts to upscale or mid-scale hotels.

Comerica Park takes a crucial role in Detroit tourism. Because there are many fun things you can do, you should have a excellent time with your kids there.


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