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Pensions take pleasure in the reputation of being puzzling, however they needn’t be. Here we supply a concise summary of just what a pension is and why it may be advisable in your case.

What is a pension?

A pension is a tax-efficient method for saving to your retirement. It aims to present you money source in later life.

Authorities can pay you with a secure regular income when you attain the State Pension age. This age will depend on whenever you were born. The total amount you receive is founded on specific things, including the amount of years where you’ve made National Insurance contributions plus the date you can their state Pension age.

Pensions Company in Birmingham

Your employer might arrange a workplace pension, also called an occupational or company pension. There are actually 2 main types:

Defined Benefit schemes — these pay out a particular income as soon as you retire. Your revenue depends on the time you’ve been part of the scheme along with the salary you’ve received. Final salary or career average schemes are cases of this. It’s your employer’s responsibility to contribute into the scheme and they might request you to do it too.

Defined Contribution schemes — these allow you to build-up a pot of income you can usually access from age 55. The dimensions of your pension pot is determined by exactly how much your employer pay in, how your investments perform and also the effect from any charges.

Exactly why do I wanted a pension?

The quicker you start saving to a pension, the greater chance you’ll have of achieving the lifestyle you’d as with later life. As soon as you wish to take your pension benefits you might want to work less or leave the office.

Our cost of delay page illustrates how delaying starting a pension, even by several years, change lives your retirement plans.

The reason why saving to a pension so tax-efficient?

To encourage visitors to save for his or her retirement, the Government delivers the following:

Tax relief — you’ll receive tax relief on the pension contribution at the basic rate, currently 20%. For each Ј80 you have to pay, you’ll receive Ј20 of tax relief, so you have a total of Ј100 paid to your pension plan. This really is a simple example and you will discover more information on tax relief within our Pension FAQs and Jargon buster pages.

Tax efficiency — profit your pension pot grows totally free of UK tax and capital gains tax.

Tax-free lump sum payment — if you select for taking your pension benefits, that you are normally eligible to fill up to 25% of your respective pension pot as tax-free cash


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