Scaffolding — What your trader need to learn

Ask five each person regarding if you should utilize scaffolding and you’ll probably receive five different answers. You will discover a common misunderstanding that ladders and stepladders are prohibited when traders work on heights, nevertheless the law acknowledges that low-risk scenarios will never require scaffolding. It truly is a question of using good sense.

When can you require scaffolding?

It could be up to your trader to examine the level of risk and use the appropriate equipment. Repairing a sole broken tile on the low roof is definitely not the exact same thing as investing in solar power panels 20 stories up. It genuinely would depend on exactly what work you’re doing as well as the degree of danger it requires.

Traders really should ensure their staff is safe because they work towards your premises. This implies working from the ground if achievable. Should they have to work on height, they ought to lower the probability of falling utilizing existing safe roof areas or scaffolding.

What type of Pennells Scaffolding Sutton will they be likely to require?

Almost all scaffolding surrounding residential properties will comply with a recognized, standard structure. Supported scaffolding is produced with the base upwards carrying out a set design.

However, if it is not practical to cooperate with a straightforward standard configuration, a reliable person — whether a scaffold contractor or designer — must form a customised design to ensure the strength, rigidity and stability from the structure whilst it is actually constructed, utilised and dismantled. Your trader knows if this is required.

Can I want a licence?

In case your builder or scaffolder would have to build scaffolding inside of the perimeter of your home there is not any need for a licence. With that said, if any portion of the scaffolding should encroach on the path or the road outside your premises the builder or scaffolder will need to get yourself a licence from a local council. It’s nearly them to discover the licence, yet it is your obligation to confirm they can find the proper documents.

In cases where there’s a danger to the public, you will need to timetable scaffolding help quiet periods or get yourself a highway closure from the local council.

Who’s gonna be liable for safety and health?

Regarding work done on your own home without having a link with any organization, the builder, scaffolder or contractor who will work along with the scaffolding is liable for maintaining safety on site.

Nevertheless the requirements differ for persons, partnerships or firms that require building work undertaken inside their business. This can include property developers and companies attending to domestic properties including landlords, rental agents or estate agents. The Building (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 claim that their main responsibility is to make certain their project is suitably managed, ensuring the health and safety of anybody who may very well be impacted by the project, for example the public.

That is authorised to set up scaffolding?

You will need to make use of a builder or scaffolding contractor who seems to be skilled and competent to set up scaffolding. This would mean they need to hold the essential abilities, expertise and know-how to maintain safety and health. A qualified scaffolder will carry a legitimate Construction Industry Record Scheme (CISRS) Card — it will be the responsibility of the trader to evaluate that this person is qualified before any work begins.


Scaffolders encounter a unique list of risks because of working at height. Builders or scaffolding companies require insurance that protects against such risks, for instance public liability insurance to pay any injury suffered through the public induced by falling items coming from the scaffold as well as employers’ insurance to pay for their employees when they are injured while operating at height. It’s worth examining that they’ve got this insurance available, before beginning work.


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