Silicon Valley Tours announces one-day Silicon Valley tech tour for corporate employees and start-ups

Tour to provide participants with innovation opportunities, through networking, global conferences and expert talks

San Mateo, CA: Today, Silicon Valley Tours announced one-day Silicon Valley tech tour created for corporate employees, startups, and companies. The business delivers a rare chance of participants to find top tech company headquarters like Apple, Google, Facebook, Tesla, etc. The tour will even help participants turn disruption threat into innovation opportunities when they witness, first-hand, the way forward for the globe. Participants will benefit hands-on experience, practical takeaway, experiential learning, networking and inspirational insight. There can also be expert talks and product tryouts with the latest technologies that can replace the world. The tour begins on January 27, 2017, and will be conducted every Friday following that. Tickets are offered on

“Our tours have helped people broaden their horizon, change their thinking and challenge their imagination. In past times, we now have conducted study tours for executive groups and board of directors, with your unique and custom-designed tours. We know which every innovation and great ideas start from experiencing and enjoying the extraordinary, and that is everything we wish to happen,” said Marina, an organization representative.

Google Tour normally takes participants on a tour from the top technology companies in Silicon Valley. The Google Tour calls for visiting the GooglePlex, taking part in study innovation, learning from experts, exploring new trends and hoping out Google gadgets such as 3D goggles. The Apple Tour will quickly realize participants visit Apple Headquarters and Apple Schwag Shop, and check out out new gadgets just like the Tesla test drive, while Facebook Tour may help participants understand how latest trends may influence their business.

«SVT crafted a terrific experience all week. Many thanks! I anticipate staying in contact with you and also this group. Many new & wonderful relationships created — thank you so much!», said Angelique Mohring, Founder & CEO, GainX Inc., Canada.

This company also wants to launch industry-specific tours, for tourists to discover artificial intelligence, virtual reality, autonomous cars, Big Data, Internet of Things and Robotics. There may also be global conferences, workshops, and speaker events for tourists to master innovation and interact with participants from around the globe.


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